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The Tuning Booster box’s technology is the most reliable and the most widespread available.

It operates on the principle of inserting a box the size of a pack of cigarettes between the engine and the original computer. The Tuning Booster box does not alter the original computer. It intercepts the signals the computer sends to the fuel system and optimises the length of the main injection.

In essence, the Tuning Booster box only intervenes when the driver needs power, for overtaking for example. The engine then responds more efficiently: the box provides increased power during acceleration and overtaking, while also increasing flexibility and driving pleasure. Since they comply with the tolerances laid down by the manufacturer, Tuning Booster boxes offer only advantages!

Tuning Booster products offer 2 range in accordance with engine type :

Petrol range with 2 boxes model :
  • Atmospheric range
  • Turbo range

  • Diesel range with 5 boxes model :
  • TDI range
  • CR range
  • VP range
  • IP range
  • LDA range